2014 Supervisory Committee Report


The Supervisory Committee works on behalf of the Public Service Friendly Society to ensure that the activities of the Society are carried out in accordance with the Rules of the Society and its obligation under the law.

The Committee was provided with a detailed explanation of the accounting system in place and the queries of the Committee were fully and satisfactorily answered.

In our opinion the accounts of the Society are being maintained in a conscientious and professional way.  The accounting system employed is transparent and accessible.  It is our view that the Society’s funds are being managed as the members would wish and in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Rules.

In conclusion the Committee would like to express our thanks to the officers of the Society for their assistance and co-operation at all times.

Niamh O’Donoghue,

Secretary General,

Department of Social Protection (Trustee)

John Reilly,

Department of

Public Expenditure and Reform

Sean Treanor,

Department of

Social Protection