Auditors Report 2014

We have examined the Balance Sheet of funds and effects of PUBLIC SERVICE FRIENDLY SOCIETY at 31st December, 2014, the related general account and the supplementary information for the year ended on that date which are contained in Sections A and B of this return.

We have obtained all the information and explanations, which we considered necessary.  In our opinion, the society has kept proper books of account in accordance with the requirements of the Friendly Societies Regulations, 1988 (S.I. No. 74 of 1988) with which the accounts in (1) above are in agreement.

In our opinion, the accounts set out in Sections A and B, which have been prepared under the historical cost convention (as modified by the revaluation of certain assets), give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Society at 31st December, 2014, and of the income and expenditure for the year ended on that date and comply with the provisions of the Friendly Societies Acts, 1896 to 1977.


Terry Noone

For and on behalf of

Lynn O’Neill & Co.

Chartered Accountants

& Registered Auditors,

Taney Hall

Eglinton Terrace