Statistical Breakdown of Grant and Membership 2014

In 2014, grant aid amounted to just over €1.1 million including grants and interest free loans. This is an increase of €67,938 (6%) over the grants made in 2013.

Of this figure grants (non-repayable) totalled €695,395, which is an increase of €73,196 (11.7%) from 2013.  However repayable grant aid amounted to €414,256which is €5,258 less (1.25%) than in 2013.

We are limited by legislation to a maximum amount of €3,174 being on loan to a member at any one time.

Grants or loans were made in 850 cases, an increase of 10(1.2%) over 2013.

The breakdown of grant aid by category is similar to other years as follows;

Family Difficulties/

Low Income 61%
Health issues 15%
Education 15%
Bereavement 3%
Legal 2%
Miscellaneous 4%

The age profile for grant aid was as follows;

Age 18-30 3.5 %
Age 31-40 24.8%
Age 41-50 30.7%
Age 51-60 31.4%
Age 60-64 4.9%
Over 65 4.7%

With 62% of grant aid going to members between the ages of 41 and 60, this age range continues to be the most likely when our members will seek assistance.

Unsurprisingly, the bulk of the aid went to members serving in the clerical and service grades with 56% alone going to the Clerical Officer grade.  A further 15% went to other service grades.

16% of grant aid cases were for retired members of staff.

Dublin based members comprise of 37% of the grant aid allocated in the course of the year but taking in the catchment counties of Wicklow, Meath and Kildare, over half of grant aid is allocated in and around the Capital.

Another consistent statistic is that 71% of applications are made by female members of staff as opposed to 29% from their male colleagues, reinforcing the fact that men are less inclined to come forward for help.  Indeed, it is safe to say that a number of the applications made by women are on behalf of their husbands or general family circumstances.